Hydriqueen – a mild mask for all skin types. Official distribution

The passing of time is evident in every aspect of our lives. Children grow up, we gain experience but also the skin loses its firmness and elasticity. Unfortunately, as the skin ages and becomes more mature, we can see more and more imperfections on it. Oiliness, discoloration, wrinkles and disproportionate depressions are just the tip of the iceberg of women’s problems. A very important factor responsible for the suppleness, nutrition and natural glow of the skin is its ability to self-regenerate. Unfortunately, we also lose this ability with age. Fortunately, the progress of “Beauty&Anti-Aging” medicine has made it possible to obtain really high-quality products. One of them is Hydriqueen mask, which name is not accidental.

Hydro stands for water and queen part stands for queen. While the choice of the word Hydro is obvious, the word Queen may seem mysterious and intriguing. The argument is also simple and relevant. Less than 200 years ago in western France, cosmetics with allantoin in the formula could only be used by queens or women of noble birth. Let your imagination run wild and find out why you should be the queen of your life with Hydriqueen.

Hydriqueen – product description

Hydriqueen light gel mask is the solution to your skin care problems. It is the highest quality hydrotherapy you can apply to your skin. Hydriqueen is dedicated to all of you who want to protect and improve the quality of your skin visibly and tangibly.

All complaints related to wrinkles, dry skin, irritation, discoloration, and imperfections will begin to subside after the first application of Hydriqueen gel mask. In addition, you will feel refreshed and an increased sense of vitality every time you apply it.

Hydriqueen makes some strong arguments for you why you should have it in your bathroom cabinet:

  • Refreshing and revitalizing rejuvenated skin
  • Cooling hydration and proper moisturizing of the skin after the first application
  • Several minutes of additional pleasant relaxation during the day
  • Suitable hypoallergenic mask also for sensitive skin

Some important facts to know!

Your skin, in order to protect itself properly after 25 years of age, needs 3x more nutrients than before. What is more, providing them is not that easy. Micronutrients, minerals, vitamins and collagen are not absorbed as much as before. Your skin needs a professional treatment with each passing day. The best form you can give your skin is a hydro-intervention.

Why should you choose Hydro formulated cosmetics?
First and foremost, because hydro cosmetics ensure a stable water balance in your entire body. Being in the sun and drying out your epidermis is only a fraction of what you see. But it is already a big sign that not only your delicate skin on your face is dry, but also the dermis needs cleansing and hydration. Just one application can reduce wrinkles by 65%! That is a really big difference in comparison to ordinary cosmetics equivalents!

How is a mask better than a cream?
It is an eternal struggle of big corporations that find it much easier to produce a cream than an effective mask. The answer is clear also in case of Hydriqueen. Firstly, a mask is much more practical to apply, it adheres completely to the face and nourishes the skin in a 99% effective way. Secondly, you don’t have to spread the mask yourself, which means you won’t miss even the smallest spots on your face. The third argument is that hydro masks open the pores even before the nourishing process, so the effect of using a mask is over 70% better than using a daily cream.

The active hydro mask formula

Firstly Allantoin, and secondly Aloe Vera. The first ingredient may not sound familiar. Why? Because it is a unique combination of nature with a spicy extract. Innovation of the product is not based on accumulation of hundreds of ingredients which in too small concentrations and doses produce poor effects. Hydriqueen is a bet on the success of a proven formula, the origins of which can always be found in the plant. Learn more about the unique combination of ingredients contained in Hydriqueen and rest assured that your skin is protected:

  • Allantoin – is a natural chemical compound (aka organic). To obtain Allantoin, you need to dig down and properly make an extract from the buddleja or the more common butterfly bush. It is Allantoin that makes the mask Hydriqueen non-comedogenic meaning it does not clog pores. This most important non-comedogenic action combined with natural nutrients gives very fast regenerative results. Additionally, Allantoin prevents dehydration of your skin. Certainly, very quickly you will see the expected results in the form of absence of acne and reduction of sebum formation. Your skin will be smooth and oil-free from the first application of Allantoin,
  • Aloe Vera – well-known and popular plant both in cosmetics and culinary. Aloe comes from only 3 areas of the world i.e., South America, India or Arabian Peninsula. Its most desirable property is its ability to store water. Just as in nature Aloe vera has evergreen leaves, your skin can be beautiful and smooth all the time. The origin of Aloe Vera and its very long presence allow us to say that it is the only ingredient in cosmetic products that is so effective and so safe. Hydriqueen mask contains the right Aloe Vera condensation for symbiosis with Allantoin.

Hydriqueen – opinions of women like you!

“I gave five stars because Hydriqueen is an excellent product! No cream, no facelift compares to the treatment with the Hydriqueen mask. Then there is that wonderful feeling of freshness. Try to put the mask at home on a warm day and go out on the balcony or garden, then every breeze will be very pleasant. I highly recommend it!”

Anna 36

Perfect! This is the only way I can describe the state of my skin at the moment. Not only do I live in a sunny region, fly out frequently and also work as a medic where I am constantly exposed to UV rays, but my skin is smooth and blemish-free! No dimples, no wrinkles. And this is all thanks to my friend who promised to refund my money if I try Hydriqueen and there is no effect. Wonderful!”

Teresa 47

I ordered it during the lockdown and pandemic period. Even so, the package arrived just two days after I placed my order. Everything along with the price and the attractive discount surprised me because I didn’t believe in any way anymore. Now I believe in myself and I advise you to do the same my friends.”

said Anastasia 52, after one month of using Hydriqueen.

Innovation at your fingertips – why you should trust Hydriqueen

To win trust in the cosmetic product category, a product must demonstrate incredible distinctiveness and efficacy. Hydriqueen has earned the trust of dermatologists and cosmetologists around the world. Simple composition, modern form of nutrition, and perfect effectiveness have made Hydriqueen a part of women’s care deserving the highest trust.

The power contained in Hydriqueen gel mask is something more than an ordinary cosmetic. The high-quality formula based on two active ingredients is a precious way to fight aging skin.

The irrefutable proof that the Hydriqueen mask works is in the excellent recommendations and clean, smooth, wrinkle-free faces of women. Many of them point out bluntly that thanks to Hydriqueen they have regained their attractive and satisfying appearance and their self-confidence has increased.

Additionally, its scientifically and clinically proven efficacy is another reason to start applying Hydriqueen as early as possible. Although this hydrogel mask made its debut in its first European launch in early 2021, it has already won the approval of thousands of women. Evidently, with the expectation of better things to come, you should look for solutions like Hydriqueen and remain the best version of yourself.

FAQ – Hydriqueen

What is the place for me to buy the original Hydriqueen mask?

The only legitimate source to purchase Hydriqueen mask is to go to the manufacturer's website and make a secure online purchase. Through the link below you can be sure to get the original Hydriqueen gel mask product without the added markup of unofficial middlemen. Click on the link below to take advantage of this promotion.

I have visible wrinkles. How soon will I notice the first results?

The effects of Hydriqueen are noticeable from the first application. Deep penetration into the skin's further layers will cause wrinkles to begin to diminish and the skin to be properly hydrated after the first application. In addition, you will open the pores and regulate the water level in your skin according to its natural harmony.

Can the use of the Hydriqueen mask cause side effects?

No, Hydriqueen does not have any side effects. Moreover, the product is made exclusively from vegan substrates and its material and application are completely safe due to its hypoallergenic nature. Without any fear, reach for Hydriqueen and enjoy wrinkle-free skin.

Safety of use

The use of Hydriqueen mask should be consulted with a dermatologist or primary care physician in case of allergic reactions. The product is suitable for external use only. There is no specific category for the use of Hydriqueen hydrogel mask, but it belongs to the category of special purpose cosmetic products and should only be put on by adults.

How to properly apply the Hydriqueen mask?

It is just five simple steps and less than 16 minutes in your day. Isn’t it simple? Now find out how effective it is!.

  1. Prepare your face for the treatment. Wash your entire face gently with lukewarm water and non-allergenic soap.
  2. Slowly and evenly spread the Hydrqueen mask over your entire face. Be sure to avoid the eye and mouth areas and make sure the mask does not slide unevenly to either side. (The first time you do this, ask someone to help you make sure the mask fits completely on your face.) Use your fingers to very gently smooth out any air bubbles.
  3. Time to relax. Try to sit or lie in one position for 15 minutes. Cleansing and self-healing procedure will begin immediately. It is very likely that the first few times you will feel a slight tingling sensation. Don’t worry, it only means that the penetration of active ingredients proceeds properly. The special fabric of the Hydriqueen mask will enhance the effect.
  4. We recommend setting an alarm clock on your phone – after the appointed time, remove the mask.
  5. The most nourished areas of your skin may have a small amount of excess product left. Spread it on your neck or décolleté.

Tip: Remember to use Hydriqueen at least once a week. For best results, use the product at least twice a week for the first four weeks.

Additional information

Have you already applied the Hydriqueen mask and want to share your experience? Go ahead! We look forward to your review, opinion and any messages. If you have any questions or would like to take advantage of a unique discount, then check out the manufacturer’s website link above or email us at contact@hydriqueen.com.